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Home Theater

Custom Home theater installation


Your custom home theater can bring the family together for the quality time you deserve after a long week. Be the house for the big game everyone wants to be at. Your favorite college teams on multiple displays at the same time in the same or just a movie night for the kids. Either way the quality of a good surround sound system in your home adds hours of entertainment and time with family and friends.

At SafetyZone, our goal is to create a comfortable and safe movie experience for your home. Your imagination is the only limit. Whether its a riser for seating,custom remote control, lighting controls, or multi display system;  our professionally licensed, audio visual design team can make your dream come true.


Why choose Us?

 We care about your home. We care about your family! We care about your business.  Anyone can sell you boxes of technology, but at SafetyZone, we focus on what you need. How do you listen to music or watch a movie? Do you go to Redbox or are you streaming from Netflix? We sell you a system that meets or exceeds your expectations.

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