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Security Systems

Security Systems do not have to be complicated. With SafetyZone Security, we customize a security system installation to fit your needs, not a "cookie cutter" marketing program. Call us for a Free Estimate.

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Security Systems Parts

There are various ways to protect your home. Basic security switches are the start. Placing switched on each opening door and window, allows for notification in the event of an opening. this includes the chime feature when the system is not Armed and then an alarm when the system is Armed.


Motion Detectors are the best defense when you are not home. Wehn you leave your home and set the alarm to AWAY, the motion sensors are active. In the event someone was able to enter the home and get around a security switch, the motion detectors would pick them up when passing through the house. When you are home  and set the alarm to STAY, the Motion detector is bypassed and allows you to walk freely through the home while the system is still armed.

Smoke Detectors and Carbon Monoxide Detectors add additional safety to your burglar alarm. Depending on your home owners insurance carrier, you may get addition discounts s for adding these to you alarm in that your burglar alarm then becomes a fire alarm as well.

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